About Alma B fine [ch]art prints

I’m Rebecca, a Brisbane-based illustrator who loves to create imaginative, colourful and educational artwork and charts for children's walls, at an archival, fine art quality that adults love to have on display. 

I'm also a mum to two adventurous boys, and wife to Luke; DIY guru, word-smith and all-round helper.

why nursery wall art?

My label, Alma B, was formed as a creative outlet in 2006 while working in graphic design. I’ve had a few career twists and turns since then, but it wasn’t until I had my first son that I was able to explore my love for children’s illustration. I love children's books and wall art of all kinds, and I loved seeing my son inspired and full of fun while creating, learning or exploring something new, so I saw an opportunity to decorate his walls, and the walls of other children, with art that inspires this. 

Think of the amount of time a child looks at the walls of their bedroom - what is on their walls can really inspire and shape the people they will become.

The Alma B range offers bright, bold colours, imaginative scenes, lots of fun and lots of learning about the natural world. Here you will find wall art that is beautiful enough for a nursery, interesting enough for a school-aged child, and at a quality that can last a lifetime (literally). 

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